Many of you have wanted to see my dance wear & leotard collection, so HERE IT IS! I appreciate the interest and comments I have received, so I hope this gives you some great ideas for your own organization. I will link all of the companies below so you can purchase any of the items that interested you. I am not endorsed by these companies,  so these items are simply my favorites!


Eleve Dancewear 

Leotard Shown: Laico with Sleeves


Yumiko Handmade Dancewear

Marieke Leotard


Marisa Leotard


Pat Skirt


Scentennials Just for Baby


Closet Complete Velvet No Slip


Sansha Misti Skirt

D0917M Misty_B

Nexcare Waterproof Tape

731 Abs WP Tape Front_D

BFI Powder


Bunheads Stitch Kit


AMB Sheer Top


Pillows for Pointe


Body Wrappers Pro Cut Tights


Dance Spirit Magazine 

My Dance Spirit Photo Shoot

11 thoughts on “Dancewear Organization

  1. I love this video! Please please please do a pointe shoe video with some tips, on how to strengthen your feet, that would be really helpful!

  2. Which Danskin tights do you wear? Also, I love that you are doing these videos — it is so generous of you to share your knowledge like this! I know editing and filming videos is time consuming. I hope to see you back on stage at NYCB very soon. You have been much missed.

  3. I would love if you could do a video for streching tips, back flexibility, and strengthing your arches and legs! P.S. I love the videos you are making and you are an amazing dancer!

  4. Hi Kathryn!
    I know I’m kind of late lol but what brand is the short warmup overall (from the DS photoshoot), the pink striped one? Oh and what’s your favorite not-so-famous warmups brand?
    Please reply!

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