One of the most popular videos that people have requested is pointe shoes! Everything about them- sewing, breaking them in, tricks – everything. So, here is my complete system! Please remember that everyone likes different things- you might not like some of the tricks I have. But that’s ok! This is just what I do. I have listed all products I use below.

Stanley Knife
Bunheads Stitch Kit
Gaynor Minden Invisible Elastic
Bunheads Flexers Ribbons
Jet Glue
Nexcare Tape (6 pack)
Nexcare Tape (single)

13 thoughts on “Pointe Shoe Tips

  1. These are amazing videos! I wish I’d had them when I was taking ballet as a teenager. I loved dancing. I was never going to be professional because I’m a total klutz, although I was the best in my class at jumping. My Mom made me quit after I broke my toe in class. Miss Cassie had us jump as far as we could and didn’t think to tell me to just do my normal thing. I came down too close to the wall and crashed (it was a small studio, incidentally – I couldn’t jump all the way across a stage).

    Now I’m old (49) and fat (250 lbs.), but I recently read an article about plus-sized dancers doing a production of Swan Lake and it made me want to dance again. Do you know of an easy adult ballet class for beginners in the NYC area? Something that wouldn’t kill me?

    Just out of curiosity, how many times are you usually able to reuse your ribbons? I’ve always wondered that but never had an opportunity to ask anyone.

  2. It must have been so hard to get good camera angles for this video!

    Would you do a video about your customs shoes? I noticed you wear Anchor. Maybe the video will only appeal to real pointe shoe nerds, but I always think it’s interesting to learn what customizations pros get and why they like a particular option.

    Thanks for all the great videos!

  3. I am student and I was just wondering what the point of wearing tight over your loetard. I see many company member doing this. However I don’t really understand the idea of it. Thank you so much!

    I love your videos so much, and love your tast in leo’s.:)

  4. I Also wish I had your videos when I was a dancer. You are so beautiful and talented. You are doing a wonderful thing with these videos. I wish that I was still able to dance, sadly 4 knee surgeries later doesn’t help much with that dream, though maybe someday I will be able to return. Keep up the wonderful work and best wishes in returning to the stage.

  5. I am a dancer and wanted to tell you that I think that this is such a fabulous idea. I teach pointe as well, and there are so many things that we want to share with our students. I think that you are lovely in your presentation – you make us feel like like we’re at our best friend’s house hanging out and learning at the same time about all the things that pros sort of glean from experience! thank you for doing this!

  6. Hi, I just got Grishko 2007 as my first pair of pointe shoes. Now I´m a little bit confused… Some websites say the Grishkos come in in both 3/4 and full shank, some say only 3/4. If they are 3/4, how can I find out (they seem to have a full shank, but I´m not entirely sure)? Also, is it a bad idea to have a 3/4 shank as a beginner? Yes, I know it depends on foot type, arch etc, but since my fitter wasn´t too experienced, I had to decide for myself whether the shoe fit. Thanks for your help!

  7. I wish to remain anonymous, but I have an issue. I’m getting ready to get back into ballet class and I’m on pointe but how do I figure out my pointe shoe size, I haven’t taken ballet classes in a while and my feet have grown!

  8. Dear Kathryn I have an issue, I’m on pointe but I’m finally getting back into classes after moving. My feet have grown! How do I figure out my pointe shoe size, my instructor never taught me how to figure it out! Can you please help me?

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