This is a miscellaneous bunch of things today! First I show you all my travel bag update. I put all of my travel items I mentioned in the Sephora Travel Haul  in one bag, and it turned out really well! Then I am going to start talking about my subscription boxes. I will include them at the ends of videos here and there. Today’s boxes are from I have been so happy with these boxes so far, so I wanted to share!

My Boxes


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3 thoughts on “Subscription Boxes

  1. I like the content that you present. You have useful ideas and you are very clear with instructions.
    my travel trip is do not over pack. Plan your wardrobe and mix and match your items.

  2. I also cannot get my ears pierced. Where do you get your earrings? Most of my collection are vintage but I’ve been wanting some more simple and modern pairs. Do you find the non pierced earrings painful? I can’t wear mine for very long at all.

    1. Yes! I do sometimes find them painful- especially the screw-backs. I can usually last a few hours. I get most of mine on ebay! I have mainly vintage as well. It’s nice to know that there are more people out there with this problem! 🙂

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