I have gotten SO many requests from all of you asking to see all my leotards, so HERE THEY ARE!

I take you through each and every one, telling you the brand and a little bit about them. This video is VERY long so I do apologize, but it is important to me to fulfill my subscribers’ requests, so I was happy to do it! I will list all of the brands mentioned below.


Eleve Dancewear 




Class In


Wear Moi




Mirella Dancewear

No Longer Available

By Marisa

Harmonie Bodywear

Pointe Magazine

2 thoughts on “My Leotard Collection

  1. Hey Kathryn!

    Thank you so much for this blog! I am a theatre professional (suffering from Pcos) that is new to ballet and appreciates all the tips you are sharing here :). I have just ordered my first yumiko and wondered if you have some tips what to look out for when buying/ ordering a leotard, which cuts fit which body type etc.

    Am looking forward to following you in the future and hope that everything works put for you for the best! 🙂

  2. Hi Katie! I am a new fan and absolutly love all your videos! I watched this video a while ago, but I noticed that you mentioned several times that you have to find leotards, different cuts and colors specifically, for your body type. I was wondering, if you havent done so already of course, how to find a style that works for me, and what your tips are. Thank you so much!

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