Everyone has been wanting to know what I keep in my dance bag. Well, I am going to show you! There is not as much as you probably would imagine, but I take you through it all. Also, be sure and stay tuned at the end of the video for my request to all of my viewers as well as an introduction to my puppies!

I have listed all the products below this video.


Stella & Dot “How Does She Do It” Tote

4Bloch European Balance Pointe Shoes


Bloch Prolite II Ballet Slipper


Tipi Toe Ankles Socks 

51UGBVuagEL._SL500_SR160,200_Bobby Pins


Bunheads Hair Pins


Goody Ouchless Headbands


Pillows for Pointe Lambs Wool Toe Pads


Tennis Balls


Small Ball for Feet


Nexcare Tape

731 Abs WP Tape Front_D

Light Theraband

Heavy Theraband


Jet Glue


4 thoughts on “What’s in My Dance Bag

  1. Thank you for mentioning the reason for your headbands! I have also lost a good portion of my hair because of a chronic illness. I have had a lot of trouble with teachers when I am able to dance because my wardrobe choices are affected by my disability, including needing headbands. It’s nice to know someone else has to wear headbands while dancing for the same reason, although I wish neither of us ever had a need for it!

  2. I love your vidoes!!! Question: Did you (or your friends at SAB/NYCB) ever struggle with an eating disorder? You see I did for a long time. I’m doing much better now though. I’m going to be doing this major research project/speech on eating disorders next year for school (in order to raise awareness) and I’m curious what dancers in really stressful/competitive environments do regarding eating/weight, etc? Does it affect a lot of the dancers or is that just a steroetype? Thanks for everything you do!!! I hope this question isn’t too personal. I really do think it’s important. If there is one thing I know, people with this disease are too afraid to talk about even though talking about it is what can save a life.

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