Today I give you my classic ballet barre workout. You can do this ANYTIME – with a chair in socks, or in your pointe shoes! It is up to you! You can come back and do this as often as you like. The purpose of this barre is just to build your technique and strength. Plus, all of the music you are going to be dancing to is me playing the piano! They are all my own arrangements. So I hope you enjoy.

If you have been doing this barre, know the combinations, and want to do it straight through without me talking, click the second video. If you have never done this barre before, watch the first!

Be on the lookout for future barre workouts!

12 thoughts on “Classic Ballet Barre

  1. Katie – thank you for putting a barre on line for people to follow, practise and dance with you. You are a truly gorgeous being – inside and out. Your generosity in sharing all you do it truly appreciated and we all know you are on your way back to the top! I look forward to seeing more of these instructional videos and having your music availablele for purchase! ( you’re right… Most of what is available is abominable!) Xo

  2. Thank you for sharing this! What an awesome spirit of generosity you have Morgan. This will help me stay in shape as I am pregnant with my third baby and usually stop taking classes at this point in order to be safe. I love this barre because the structure is very much like the classes I so enjoy at The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre-and Ohhh how I miss it! I will be referring to this as often as possible and you can be sure I will be sharing it with everybody! Thanks again. Hoping you are feeling better day by day.

  3. By the way, I am soooo sorry I just typed Morgan instead of Kathryn in my reply above- Ahhhhhh! Like I’m referring to a soccer player by the last name on your jersey or something. How embarrassing! 😉

  4. Hi!

    I just wanted to say, thank you so much for dedicating so much time and effort to your fans and other lovers of ballet across the world through this website. I am a struggling college student and at this time in my life, do not have money to pay for ballet class. Your barre workouts and exercise videos are an absolutely fantastic way for me to stay in dancing shape as well as improve my strength and balance even though I am not able to attend class right now!

    I am sure that I speak for many other people as well when I say we are SO so appreciative of you generously sharing not only your advice and workouts but also your tips, tricks, and at-home exercises (which so many dancers in the professional world often view as trade secrets), all while pouring your heart into it. What is especially wonderful is that you visibly enjoy sharing these things with us (from favorite makeup products (and organizing them!) to dance advice), which makes us even happier to be able to (through your posts) see and be a small part of your life as well as reap the benefit of learning ballet, beauty, and lifestyle tips from an experienced dancer such as yourself.

    The fact that you care enough to spend your time sharing all of these wonderful things with us (dancers and non-dancers alike, many of whom you’ve never even met!) through your posts makes it clear that you are a truly wonderful person, beautiful from the inside out. Doing the barre routines and such, even when you are self-conscious (as you are not back to your normal dancing weight yet – and I know how that feels!) takes courage and a certain kind of selflessness. I am floored by it, and my respect for you is out the roof. Also, it really shows how dedicated you are to your fans and followers, which is amazing to me.

    Any company or studio will be blessed to have you as part of their family, wherever you choose to go.

    You have my best wishes and blessings for your full recovery and inevitable success. Someone with a heart like yours has many good things to come; I’ve found in life that the harder the trials you are faced with, the more blessings you receive after you’ve overcome them.

    Keep dancing through life!

  5. Thank you for giving us those splendid videos. They are so useful to us, especially for me. I am 47th years old and want to dance again only for me. As you were ill, you can much more understand what people like me need to strengthen themselves to do some exercises again. You are not only a wonderful dancer but also a marvelous teacher. As I am leaving in France, I can do your exercises where and when I want. It’s fabulous. Thanks again. Take care. Merci. Nicole

  6. These exercise videos are awesome, thank you so much for putting them up. You speak so clearly, your instruction are easy to follow, your classes are very well structured. And you’re just a really beautiful dancer.

    I look forward to more videos from you,

  7. Thank you so much for a beautiful barre! I stopped dancing three years ago to college and it feels so good to dance again. You are such a gorgeous dancer and role model!

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