Injuries are something that happen to everyone! In this video, I take you through my injury history as well as my tips and tricks for getting through them! I hope this helps all of you, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


1. Prevention is key! It is always the best idea to do everything you can to prevent injuries rather than worrying about them after they happen! So take care of yourself- eat and sleep well, cross train, and just be kind and listen to your body. Taking good care of yourself will benefit you SO much in the long run!

2. Be mindful. Do NOT push yourself when you know you shouldn’t. There is a huge difference between being lazy and knowing when you need to stop. That is how I sprained my ankle when I was with NYCB. I did not speak up when I should have. So be aware what is happening with your body! A teacher would much rather you come back and do it again tomorrow than have you get injured and have to put in the understudy.

3. If the inevitable happens and you DO get injured, see a professional AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. They can get you on a program or get you the proper treatment you need very quickly. Don’t try and heal yourself- IT DOES NOT WORK. You will get so much better so much faster if you get a professional’s help!

4. Do your exercises, and be faithful doing them! Your doctor or PT will let you know when you can do what, so take it slowly. Make sure each day is a progression- don’t start out with 100 reps right away! Also, do some of your own research. For example, know whether or not you ice or heat your particular injury. That is SO IMPORTANT.

5. TAKE YOUR TIME COMING BACK. This is so important! You could re-injure yourself if you come back to dancing or your activity too quickly. Do one exercise a day if you have to. As a friend once told me, it takes longer to rush. So true!

6. Have a support system. If you only have one person in your corner who can help, use them! You need kindness and a helping hand when you are injured. If you don’t have anyone, I am here for you!


12 thoughts on “Dance Injuries 101

  1. I love this video and all of your videos are so helpful for me i really love your dancing i love you i can open heart to tell you everything now i had a problem i dance in the shoe 2 sizes too narrow!!! I felt so much terrible in my dance class my teacher are angry tome because the shoe i cannot do a grande plie because the shoe istoo narrow and i can’t do a plie too i feel horrible in every dance class right now so how can i fix it the fitter said it’s fine it’s perfect shoe for you but she said the shoes should be so snug tooo it huh,i felt terrible thx Katie for your time to read it

  2. Regarding the professionals, I HIGHLY recommend seeking out a doctor and PT who actually understands dancers! I’ve been sent back too soon after an injury because they underestimate how strenuous dancing is, been subjected to all kinds of rude comments and refusal to set immediate appointments because they were giving preference to “real athletes”, and lectured up and down about how bad dancing is and how no one should do it.

    I asked a dancer at the closest professional company to me where their dancers go and now have an orthopedic surgeon and PT who actually understands dancers and it has made all the difference! I’m treated like a real athlete and audition and performance obligations are treated seriously so that my studio and I can make any necessary changes as soon as possible! I am also given a better and more accurate timeline for recovery and what I can and cannot do every step of the way.

  3. I was wondering if you could do a video or post with suggestions of ballet books that ballet beginners should invest in, it would be incredibly helpful to get a professional’s opinion.

    You’re an inspiration!

  4. I have had 4 knee surgeries and the Dr previous to this one told me I was never going to be active again. i went for my 4th opinion with a different Dr. who did my 4th surgery. He says that there was no reason to be non active but to listen to my body. I took my first adult Ballet, Jazz and Tap class Monday first the first time in 6 yrs. It was an amazing feeling, but I had some slight knee twinges. I’m afraid of what that means, but I’m hoping that it’s because I haven’t used my muscles very much in 3 yrs. I agree with you that you need to find a Dr. who specializes in Dancers, because I’ve been through so much and it’s taken 4 Dr’s to hopefully get me back to doing the thing I love. Keep up the fantastic job

  5. Hi Kathryn! Wanted to let you know that you and your videos have inspired me so much!! You are so informative and relatable, and such a gorgeous and amazing dancer! I check everyday for new updates on your blog… Anyway, I was wondering if you have any tips or suggestions for ballet dancers who want to dance in college, but aren’t going to dance professionally… I was also wondering if you could do a workout video with exercises you could do when you only have a short amount of time, but still want to get a powerful workout… Thank you for putting so much time and effort into what you do! You inspire me everyday to become a better dancer and I wish the best of luck to you in life! 🙂

  6. Thank you soooooooo much for this post and your site! I also sprained my right ankle twice (2008 and 2010) with several torn ligaments and I am still rehabbing it- I can usually do relevees but I haven’t ever been able to build up strength for pointe and in a full barre class I usually need to stop even relevees. I just found your site and I’m so excited to try the foot and ankle exercises, my physiotherapist said I was fine years ago but I can feel that my foot just isn’t right yet. I will never be a professional dancer but I love ballet. THANK YOU!!!!

    1. I am so glad I could help you! So sorry about your ankle. I have been there- TRUST ME!!! Just take your time coming back! I have an injuries post that might be of use to you! Good luck and thank you again!

      1. Thank you too for the fast reply! I’m looking forward to binge-reading your blog tonight! 🙂

  7. Hello Kathryn! I am currently injured with tendinopathy in my left foot, and have not been dancing for about 2 weeks now. I am fearful that I won’t be able to come back in time for BCYB’s production of “The Snow Queen”, so I am just afraid. I am icing, doing my exercises, but it’s painful and I think I need to fully rest it. I really need to be rehearsing for the show, but instead, I have to watch for a while. What should I do, I have been to my physio, but now he is away for 4 weeks. I can see another physio, will this help? What should I do??? How can it heal faster!!? Thanks Katie! 🙂

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