Today I give you my second barre workout! This one will focus on your core and your balance. I recommend doing this either in socks or ballet shoes, not pointe shoes. Be sure and use your core the whole time!

9 thoughts on “Ballet Barre for Balance

  1. Hi Katie, loved your other workouts and really looking forward to doing this one. My pointe work has already improved from following your tips and exercises : ) thank-you so much!

  2. For your next ” Conversations w/ Katie” would you please tell me who your favorite teachers at SAB were??
    I attended SAB from 1978-1982 and grad. From PCS in 1982. Some of my teachers were Danilova, Dudin, Richard Rapp, Stanley W., Suki and our beloved, Tumi… I believe Krami is still teaching?? Those were glorious days at SAB as Mr.B, Baryshnikov, Suzanne Farrell, Peter Martins, Kyra, Patty McBride, Merrill Ashley, etc. roamed the halls and often took class… All the very Best to you and your future endeavors!!

  3. Hello Kathryn,
    I want to Thank you for the hard work you put into your YouTube Videos. I adore your workouts and admire your strength and positivity. You are an inspiration to people who love to dance.
    One recommendation and a request 🙂 talking about ballet videos, if you have not seen “Ballerina” from Bertrand Normand, I highly recommend it. It’s a documentary about professional dancers (Russian focused) but absolutely beautifully done, giving a lot of insight into the behind the scene. I loved it.
    My request or suggestion, if you will, is the following. Have you considered wearing a tiny microphone when giving your lessons. It echoes quite a bit when you explain and gets lost in the room. You wouldn’t have to talk as loud either. I know that your are exercising and moving around, but as I said, just a suggestion.
    Have a beautiful week, I am looking forward to each video from you,
    Greetings from Germany, Andrea

  4. Hello Kathryn, I love your video’s, you are such an inspiration! You said you could write requests.. 🙂 Maybe a beginners point barre would be nice too! Love Dore

  5. Hi Kathryn,
    I was returning from adult beginner ballet class today and I was feeling like I needed to practice home in order get to where I want in my classes. I found you through youtube and I am very glad. I love what you have done with your site. Keep it up!

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