Today I teach you my tips and tricks for picking up ballet/dance choreography and combinations quickly. I give you an exercise to see how you learn as well as some pointers that will help make you a quick study in no time! Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen overnight, you WILL get there!

4 thoughts on “Learn Steps Quickly

  1. Hi Katie, this was very helpful to me. I now know that I am a visual learner. Also , I always mark as the teacher gives the combination and it seems to go out of my head very quickly . So next time I will follow your advice and focus entirely on watching . Thank-you so much for these brilliant videos – I have learned a lot from you. I also love your dance clothes videos and your friendly style of speaking on camera .

  2. This was really very interesting! I always thought, hands down, that I was a visual learning. However, when you gave that test, it was easier for me to pick up on the combination just by hearing. I still think I’m a combination of the two styles but I definitely need the auditory element. An eye opening test for me! Useful tips for sure. I do mark, but as you said, I inevitably miss something in a combination and there’s no catching up unless the teacher repeats. Thanks for all of that! By the way, you are a gifted speaker/teacher. You have a very natural and engaging rapport in your videos. Thanks again!

  3. This is interesting – I just got to do two classes with a guest artist during our Nutcracker show. I really struggled to get the combinations fast enough (it didn’t help that I’m not at the same level as the rest of the class).

    I found for these that I really need both the visual and auditory cues – the visual to get the steps, and auditory so I can chunk the information. It helps to remember things as one pattern, like four en criox, then I have more “brain space” left to remember the next part.

  4. This was GREAT! I ALWAYS am overwhelmed and lost. I am trying to fit in with those that have been dancing years and years. I get overwhelmed by the names of the moves that I don’t know. Also, the choreography goes on and on and on…How can I improve my memory?!?!? I learned from your video that I am a visual learner and I can get the jest of the moves. However, that clearly is not enough since I am a distraction in class OR am just lost. :/ More tips, please! 🙂

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