Your questions answered once again! Today I cover everything from dating in the dance world to diet advice, to friends, pointe shoes, professional dancer secrets, and believing in yourself! If you have a question you would like me to answer in future videos, please feel free to comment below!

0:16 Height in Ballet
1:20 My Dancer Inspirations
2:37 Arches and Hyperextension
4:11 Rehearsal and Class Makeup
5:29 Ballet Competitions
7:53 Getting Rejected at Auditions
9:32 Which is Better – Technique or Artistry?
11:49 Non-Dancer Friends & Boyfriends
15:39 Trials and Tribulations of Being a Professional Dancer
18:33 Not Enough Training
20:25 Weight and Body Image
23:17 Type of Feedback I like from Teachers & Fans
26:46 International Programs
28:39 Body Image & Believing in Yourself
31:48 Transitioning to Full Time Dancing
32:46 Improving Quickly
34:23 Pointe Shoes Lasting Longer
35:09 Learning Stravinsky Ballets
36:29 Moving Away from Home

2 thoughts on “Q&A July 2014

  1. Dear Kathryn, I started ballet when I was 7 and I’ve been taking ballet classes for 9 years. I literally LOVE ballet. But I took one class once a week in the country I used to live. Because there WASN’T any good classes or more classes. Our teacher was foreigner. Well when I see the pictures and videos of other ballerinas who are younger or older but MUCH better than me I really lose hope! Because I don’t have perfect turnouts and my classes were once a week (in the past 2 summers we had 10 days master class which really helped a lot). I used yo be the best student in the class (I don’t like to boast or something :/). We have moved to Vancouver about 6 weeks ago and I didn’t attend any classes since then. I thought that my dreams have come to an end because I can’t be a good dancer let alone be a professional 😦 I cried so many times… ballet is my life♡ once I saw that you have posted pictures about your youtube videos on unstagram and I watched your videos… I literally can say that you are my main INSPIRATION! I started to practice your barre exercise seriously and I watch your videos 24/7… here’s the point I wanted to say at last: Thanks for being THE BEST INSPIRATION EVER! You gave me lots of hope! Thank you so much for everything ♡ I wish you the best for your entire life 🙂

  2. Hi Katie! In your next conversations with Katie, could you talk about body image and leotards? I am not fat, but I still have a very hard time taking class wearing only a leotard without a skirt. I feel like my stomach sticks out and I just feel so exposed and unattractive. Is there anyway to get over this, or should I just keep wearing my practice skirt? Thanks for all your great advice! Emma

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