Today I would like to share a recent interview with you. Kimberly Falker of Balancing Pointe Podcasts conducted the interview recently, and it is basically the Kathryn Morgan all-inclusive special. I take you through my ballet career, training, illness, future plans, everything. I have included all the links below. Any format will work for listening, just pick which one you like! Enjoy!

Interview starts around the 5 minute mark.

My Interview Direct Link

My Interview Free on iTunes

My Interview on Balancing Pointe Page

Balancing Pointe Website

2 thoughts on “In-Depth Interview

  1. Great interview! It’s really amazing to learn about your journey in the rarefied world of ballet. And what testimony of triumph over such a disease. It was just such a refreshingly down to earth and honest interview. Inspiring stuff! I really enjoyed it. I was completely floored when you said Peter Martins flat out said No you couldn’t return to the company. I won’t comment on how offended I felt on your behalf. I can only suppose that there might have been numerous factors and voices behind such a decision and not Peter acting alone-I should think. But then he was the one who made the decision to email the news and not call-Geesh! Well, it’s an open door to greener pastures. All the best to you in your pursuit of a company abroad. The perfect company is just waiting for you to walk through the door girl! Thanks for posting. Oh, by the way, I was pleasantly surprised when you mentioned that Jenifer Ringer was a friend and mentor you. I read her book recently and it was awesome. Great read about her journey and her strong faith. One day, I’m sure we balletomanes will be reading your autobiography and it will be a smashing good read! All the best Kathryn.

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