Today I give you some tips and tricks for turns and pirouettes. These are all basic and general tips to improve any of your turns in ballet or dance class. I will be doing more specific turning videos, but this video is designed to help your turns in general.


7 thoughts on “Turns & Pirouettes

  1. Hi Katie!
    I want to know what are the bests ballet school in NYC?
    I really want to get in SAB, but I don’t live in the USA. The audition is over and they recommended me to do the summer program.I will do the audition for it, but I always need other plan. In January I will go to NY.I will enjoy that I will be in the city and do some Auditions. One school that I contacted is Joffrey School. But I want also do any other audition.
    Than, if I pass of course, when I be studying at a ballet school in NY I will trying to get in SAB.
    That’s my trick plan… hahaha

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Katie!
    Please, what are the bests ballet schools in NYC?
    I really want to get in SAB, but I don’t live in the USA and the Auditions for this year are over. They recommended me to do the audition for the summer program.
    I will do it, I always have another plan…
    In January I will travel to NYC and enjoy it for do some Auditions. I contacted Joffrey Ballet School.
    And If I passou and live in NY I will try all the year to get in SAB.
    That’s a trick plan… I know… Hahaha

    Thank you!

  3. This is a fantastic video, thank you so much for making it! It really helped me feel where my alignment was wonky, and I just did 4 nice clean doubles in a row – for me, that’s kind of amazing 😀 I’m so thrilled. Thanks again xx

  4. Thank you so much for this! You really made the positioning clear and I’m looking forward to practicing. I’d also love to see a video like this on chaine turns or one on spotting. I get so dizzy when asked to do turns across the room! There must be something I’m doing wrong.

  5. Hello Katie!
    I was wondering if SAB would accept students above 18? I’m 16 this year and I really want to go to SAB. Its my dream to dance at NYC Ballet but in my country (Singapore) education is everything. I have to finish high school first but I would be 18 by then. Thank you for your help! And this video was very useful! (Got my first quadruple en pointe!)

  6. Do you have any tips for putting your foot down in pirouettes? Plz answer your a huge inspiration to me

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