Your questions answered! Today I cover everything from company life to ballet styles, to more audition secrets, pointe shoes, and determination. If you have a question you would like me to answer in future videos, please feel free to comment below!

0:31 SAB Summer Intensive Audition
1:29 Company Life
3:02 When to Audition for Summer Courses
3:59 Changing Ballet Styles
4:50 Researching Smaller Ballet Companies
6:02 When it is Too Late to Become a Dancer
7:18 Professional Secrets
8:22 Hyperextended Knees in 1st Position
9:29 Turning in New Pointe Shoes
10:27 Learning about Different Dance Styles
11:53 Tips for Living in New York
14:03 What to Do When You are Not Being Corrected
15:33 How to Know You are Ready to Audition
17:19 Colleges with Ballet Programs
18:27 How to Behave at the End of Auditions
20:08 Why Dancers Retire in Mid-30s
22:48 Different Ballet Styles
23:21 My Dance History
23:45 Cross Training
25:39 Makeup at NYCB
27:38 Healthy Meals
28:40 Doubts and Wanting to Give Up
29:59 Becoming More Dedicated to Dance
33:11 Deciding Between a Normal Career or Ballet

3 thoughts on “Q&A August 2014

  1. Hi Katie! I’m 22 and just started taking open ballet classes at Pacific Northwest Ballet for the first time since early childhood. I fell in love after the first class. I have no illusions of becoming a professional, but I’m more than casually interested in it – I really would like to learn to dance ballet! I have a freelance job that gives me flexible hours and more freedom to spend time on other things, but I wanted to hear your opinion on if it is possible to learn ballet to a more advanced level even though I am too old to be a professional, and if you have any suggestions or tips for me. Thanks so much!

  2. I am interested in knowing the income/salaries ranges of corp de ballet, soloists and principals in a major company. I am only asking about the salary ranges, not anyone’s specific income level. Do they provide benefits such as medical insurance or life insurance? What is covered in your contract and what is excluded? I want to know in general how much money ballet dancers make per year in major companies at lowest level to highest levels. Thanks.

  3. I really like your youtube videos. I took up ballet as a hobby as an adult. I often travel for work (I am not a performer) so I cannot go to the studio to take classes while I am away. I really like your video because I can still do ballet while I am on the road.

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