More of your questions answered! Everything from body type in ballet to working on extensions to pointe shoes to finding your perfect color leotard. Diet questions will be answered in a future video. To jump to a certain question, see times below.

0:29 Body Proportions in Ballet
1:57 Ideal Ballet Body Type
3:03 Dealing with Parents
4:19 Starting Pointe Late
5:28 Having a Tattoo as a Dancer
6:13 Weight and Toning
8:24 Getting in Shape Quickly
9:46 Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes
11:23 Back Flexibility
13:10 Leotard Styles and Colors for Your Body Type
15:12 Leg Flexibility
16:24 Grand Jetes
17:51 Getting Over Box of Pointe Shoe
19:26 Traveling for Dance Training
21:33 Would I Give Private Lessons
22:16 Balancing Schoolwork and Ballet

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