Just about every female dancer in each and every ballet company today has at some point danced in the famous Snow Scene in Nutcracker. Here is a look I came up with that could work for any company’s version.

As you see in this look, I used gray shades on the top and blue on the bottom. The shimmer in the gray and glitter gives a blue hue. NEVER EVER EVER do a completely blue eye, for any role. It reads HORRIBLY from the audience. So the way to use blue in your stage makeup is to use it in one area and accent with either browns or grays.

Also, if you are dancing in Snow in Act 1 and also dancing in Act 2 (as most dancers do), stay tuned for the end of the video where I show you how to easily and quickly change your makeup!

This look follows the blueprint of The Basic Stage Eye. So head there for help!


(These are the exact products in the look- but you can use any brand you like.)


Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette – In the Dark

Eyeshadows in Cobalt Blue, Glitter BlackPlatinum, and White Gold.


 Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream ‘04′


Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner





Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 3L.


(Optional) M.A.C. Glitter in “Transparent Teal”


Mascara and Eyelashes – See Basic Stage Makeup

Cheeks & Lips

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in “Dollface”


Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Liner in “2C”


Nars Lip Gloss in “Tasmania”


Eye Step By Step

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

1. Apply a shimmery white shadow to your lid.


2. Brush a small amount of a charcoal gray into the crease and outer corner of the eye to contour.


3. As usual, with your black liner, draw a thick line along the lashes that extends slightly upward at the end.


4. Using a charcoal gray liner draw a line following the crease of the eye, and connect it to the end of the black one.


5. Because this is already a dark line, take a brush and blend the line out by itself first. Then, take a shimmery silver and blend the rest of it out to soften.


6. Using a dark blue liner, line the lower lashline, finishing right up under the black line.


7. Go over the underline with a blend of the shimmery white and a cobalt shadow to soften it.


8. Curl lashes and apply your favorite mascara.


9. This next step is OPTIONAL. If your school or company allows, you can finish the look with glitter (Transparent Teal). Brush all over the eye. I always suggest applying glitter BEFORE you put on your false lashes. This way your lashes stay glitter free. Many times you won’t wear glitter onstage, so it’s important they stay clean.


10. Finish the look with false lashes as always!


For Snow, wear a bronzer for contour and a soft peach blush. Use an orange-based red lip color (as opposed to a blueish one) so under the blue lighting of the Snow Scene, it will appear red. Any other lip color will look purple from the audience.

Here is the look onstage:

When I danced Snow in New York City Ballet's The Nutcracker. Photo by Paul Kolnik.
Picture from when I danced Snow in New York City Ballet’s The Nutcracker.
Photo by Paul Kolnik.

One thought on “Snowflake Stage Makeup

  1. It’s my first year of Snow!!!! This makeup is very pretty… too bad there’s a set makeup for everyone at my school. While the waltz was going on in the background I was practicing. 🙂

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