These are my tips and tricks for developing a character onstage, specifically in the Nutcracker ballet. I teach you how to create a backstory, invent personality, and give tricks for preventing boredom. These acting secrets can really help you in any performance you do!

You can fast forward to your character if you like!

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Acting
2:41 Clara
4:31 Party Scene
5:48 Battle Scene
7:11 Snow Scene
9:33 Act 2 Introduction
9:49 Spanish
10:23 Arabian
10:38 Chinese
11:09 Russian/Candy Cane
12:04 Marzipan/Mirliton/French
12:38 Flowers
13:42 Dewdrop
14:47 Nutcracker
15:14 Sugar Plum Fairy
16:14 Conclusion

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