Today’s question topics include soft pointe shoes, ballet companies, makeup, weight and body type for dancers, yoga, upper body, and transporting tutus. I also give you some updates as well as discuss possible live classes with me.

0:00 Introduction and Updates
2:16 Not Accepting Auditions & Consequences
3:46 Getting into a Large Ballet Company
4:43 Body Type for Ballet
6:34 Ideal Weight for a Dancer
7:08 Is Yoga Good for Dancers
7:40 Achy Quads During Extensions
8:14 How Much Pointe Training Do I Need
8:55 Dream Big or Realistically
9:32 Canvas or Leather Ballet Shoes
10:09 Pointe Shoes for Beginners
11:15 Can I Dance in Soft (Dead) Pointe Shoes
12:19 Changing Makeup for Multiple Roles in Nutcracker
13:14 Transportting a Tutu
13:43 Not Getting Enough Training – What to Do
15:25 Losing Strength & Confidence when Injured
16:35 Tense Upper Body
17:48 Lower Back Pain in Arabesque
18:44 How Long it Took Me to Get on Pointe
19:33 Live Classes with Me
20:42 Wrap Up

3 thoughts on “Q&A November 2014

  1. You are great !! So good for young kids to hear your thoughts,, we are very interested in your live classes so please look into it

  2. My teachers always said to lift in your hamstrings in extension, which I did my best with until my friends (orthopedic surgeon) dad told me that it’s physically impossible to do that. He said it should be your working hip. But all that did was make my hips hurt. Your advice on the supporting hip actually works, and well! Also about pointe shoes… My shank isn’t that important to me because I have strong feet without much flexibility. So I dance in shoes with ultra soft shanks, but glue the boxes before use and get rid of them when the platform goes squishy. Since my teacher graduated me to taking all my classes en pointe for at least barre, I’m finding the shanks get very very soft and the boxes take the same 3 weeks to die. Should I be concerned for my feet?

  3. Kathryn, you are such an inspiration! I’m not a dancer, but I love watching ballet and have been blessed to see some beautiful live shows these last few years, including ABT. in some ways I really relate to what I’ve read about your journey; I excelled in my field very young, too–then life redirected my focus, but I’m back focusing to make my dreams happen. You have to follow where your heart leads you in order to be happy, and I am sure that you will do so. Best of luck with your training and auditions. Don’t forget: you’re one of the best dancers in the world, and ABT saw it, too. Whichever company you dance for next, they will be lucky to have you!

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