Happy New Year! Today I just update you all on my channel and video plans, plus fill you in on more upcoming things. Then I give you 2 more ballet DVD suggestions. Q&A videos are coming back, so be sure and leave your questions below!

Don Quixote DVD

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – PNB

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – La Scala

The Dream – ABT

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Updates

  1. Dear Katie,

    I am an older adult beginner dancer who has studied ballet steadily for the last six years in which time, I never really had a major injury. Unfortunately, on December 30th during the last diagonale in class I landed wrongly from a saute and fractured my metatarsal of the left foot. I am wearing a cast since yesterday. I know that this is too soon to ask but I am really struggling emotionally with the fact that I will be out of the studio for two or even three months depending on how I heal. My question is: What kind of coming back exercises do you recommend so I do not injure myself again and build more strength into that foot which also has a bigger bunion? Thank you in advance.

  2. Dear Katie,

    I am also an older dancer who really enjoys all of your posts and work outs. I am an int/adv dancer who still works on pointe and I am also starting to help teach classes for younger dancers. However, like Ileana I also suffered an injury to my knee. I know that rest is one of the best things i can do for myself right now but I do find myself struggling with the idea that i will be behind the rest of my class when I am able to dance again. What do you recommend to help pass the time while injured, so that I don’t fall too far behind? And how to I keep a good pace when i do get back to the studio, so that I don’t do too much too quickly. Thanks for all you do and best wishes for your own training.

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