In today’s Q & A, we cover SAB auditions, dealing with illness, a bit of my career history, pointe shoes, and more. If you want to skip to a certain topic, see the times below.

0:00 Intro
0:38 My Favorite and Dream Roles
1:16 Expression and Projection in Ballet Class
2:49 Keeping in touch with NYCB Colleagues
3:22 Energetic or Lyrical Role Preference
3:56 Getting Frustrated in Class & Coping
5:08 Being Out from Illness or Injury & Getting Back in Shape
6:29 Age to Leave home for Ballet School
7:43 Politics in the Dance World
9:02 Studying other Styles of Dance
10:15 Starting on Pointe at an Older Age
11:03 Requirements for SAB Auditions
13:38 Staying for SAB Winter Term
14:42 Taking Time off for Rest
15:55 Age Limit for Company Auditions
16:57 Advice for Adult Ballet Beginners
17:56 Port de Bras Forward at Barre
18:13 Company Life
18:52 Auditioning for Summer Courses if You Don’t Know the Style.
19:14 Feeling Dizzy when Doing Turns
21:05 Washing Leotards
21:36 What I Wish I Knew from the Beginning
22:38 My Biggest Epiphany
24:29 Fouettes & Grand Jetes

2 thoughts on “Q&A January 2015

  1. This was fantastic! thank you for being so incredibly real. Wherever you do decide to go, they will be very lucky indeed to have you, and we will all be waiting in the audience to cheer on our favorite ballerina 🙂

  2. “Everybody’s different, and everybody’s path is different, and you cannot foresee yours.” Thank you for this. Though I am not a ballerina, these words are true for me. Like you, I had a promising younger career that was suddenly derailed by an unexpected illness in my 20s. I had to take several years off to diagnose, treat, and stabilize my illness. I think the hardest part for me was learning that I couldn’t go back to where I had been; rather, I could only pick up and start from where I was now. Your blog and videos are an inspiration and a joy. We are all cheering for you.

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