Back to the vlogs! Today I sit down with all of you and just chat about things. Plus I give you my full bedroom and ballet studio tour!

Disney Piano Medley

Makeup Wall Tour & Organization

3 thoughts on “Chat & Room Tour

  1. Hi Katie!

    I have enjoyed your room tour and chat tremendously. I could imagine your day walking from room to room and doing your activities and simply loved it. I also appreciated your telling us about your foot surgery. Seeing your positive attitude helped me as I am recovering from a fractured metatarsal. Although, I am not a professional dancer, I am a diligent and passionate adult student who has studied consistentlyfor the past seven years, but this was the first time I had a more serious injury. I appreciate everythingg you do for us who love ballet and the fact that you understand that not only young girls follow your channel. Adult beginners like me also follow you and learn from you.

    Good luck with the audition process!

    Thank you again! I will say this again. learn so much from all your videos, from classes to make up to the Vlogs.

    Warm regards!

  2. Hi Kathryn
    My name is Rachael, I have just started ballet so am a adult beginner and loving it but have been dancing for 7 years. I love all your videos and can’t wait to watch whenever there’s a new one. Thankyou so much for making these videos and I’m so glad you feel comfortable enough to share your personal story’s as I love knowing what’s going on with you. I am in Australia and love seeing what life is like where you are. I would absolutely love a signed point shoe, that is a great idea. I hope you continue to share your story with us and continue to receive such a lovely response. I really look up to you as I have some medical issues of my own and continue to do everything I can to continue dancing.
    Thankyou so much for your time
    Love Rachael

  3. Hi Kathryn,
    I too am an adult who came back to dance (after 16 years off!) as a 29-year-old. That was 14 years ago and I dance with a small company here in Maryland. You are so lovely. I look forward to your videos and really appreciate getting to see how you create your spaces for each part of your life. I love how very elegant you are with such attention to the pretty vintage details in each of your rooms. It is delightful to take a peak into your world and the fact that you consider us friends is something very special indeed. Congratulations on getting your foot taken care of! I know we are all cheering you on as you progress towards getting back on the stage, but I think we are also cheering you on in all aspects of your life because you let us in with such an open heart.

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