More of your questions answered today! Things included are friends, getting in shape, colored pointe shoes, bun hair, Broadway, Grand Allegro, audition DVDs, and of course more ballet career and pointe shoe tips. To skip to a certain topic, see the times below.

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Friends at Ballet School (SAB)
1:18 Getting in Shape after a Long Time Off
2:09 Feet Needed to be in a Ballet Company
3:40 Gaining Medical/Medicine Weight
5:57 Positively Standing Out in Class
7:27 Bun-Friendly Hair
8:43 Private Coaching vs. Ballet School
10:31 Landing in Grand Allegro
12:05 Companies Taking Different Technique Styles
13:03 Hyper Extension and Long Legs to Succeed
13:35 Different Colored Pointe Shoes
14:53 My Video Editing Program
15:19 DVDs for Auditions & What to Include
17:02 Big Toe Pain in Pointe Shoes
18:21 Keeping Up Energy in Ballet Class
20:07 My Online Classes
21:20 Dancing on Broadway
22:58 ¾ Shanking Pointe Shoes
24:01 Pointe Shoe Heels Slipping Off
24:59 Strengthening/Compensating for Weak Side
25:54 SAB Alternative Schools in NY
26:45 SAB Auditions
28:05 Flexibility and Stretching

Ballet Academy East

Manhattan Youth Ballet

Pointe Shoe Tips & Tricks Video

Flexibility Routine Video

One thought on “Q&A February 2015

  1. and I just turned 14 years old and I live in a Country called South Korea. I emailed you several times but you didn’t seem to answer… I hope you answer this one! In 2014, I was accepted to the Summer Intensive of American Ballet Theatre in California and City Ballet of San-Diego. I was absolutely thrilled, and decided to work harder to improve my technique, and was very motivated. Unfortunately starting January I started developing an Eating Disorder, and I was diagnosed mid April. My parents definitely did not want me to miss my summer intensive, so we received treatment and help but unfortunately I was not recovering and in total I’d lost 20 pounds since January. Instead of going to the Summer Intensive, I spend my entire summer getting treatment in California, and I was hospitalized for 10 days.
    My parents had promised me that if I’d showed progress recovering then I would definitely be able to do ballet again… AFter I reached by target weight and maintained it for 3 months. However, suddenly they told me that my eating disorder was too strong, and told me that I would NEVER be able to return to ballet again. Despite the fact how I’d recovered and did quite well… This happened within this month, and I feel so broken, and my parents don’t seem to mind how sad and let down I am… I definitely have not given up on this dream yet. However, they did told me that I could just practice on my own in the dance studio at my school. However, I really wanted to attend another summer intensive this year and start dance again and my parents have broken their promise. I want to become a dancer in my life so bad~ I want to do your POW HOW classes but my parents do not want to support me in any way. I continue to do your barre workouts whenever I can to catch up on technique. PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!
    I am so desperate.
    I cry every night and don’t know what to do.

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