In today’s vlog I tell you about the wonderful Tatevik dancewear, have another chat with all of you, and just take you around for a few days. Be sure and also let me know if you are interested in a full thyroid video.

Tatevik Dancewear

15 thoughts on “More Chatting

  1. Dearest Kathryn,

    Would love to see the thyroid video. Totally understand about being overwhelmed. You once responded to an email I sent you and I was so surprised to even get a response! Take care of yourself and don’t respond to this comment! Rest!

    Love what you do, thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Kathryn! I am so glad that you are giving yourself some space~ At first, I was soooo confused how you managed to keep up with ALL the blogs and videos (it’s way too much, you do far too much for us). Even what you are doing for us now is beyond our imaginations. Thank you!

  3. I can only echo the comments above — we have all been amazed at the generosity of your time and attention!!! A full thyroid video would be really fantastic, if only for bringing awareness to the issues and educating other dancers.

  4. Please know that we all feel that this is your time to be the artist that you are, and that sharing also comes from the gift of performance. Every single one of us will be cheering for you when you return to the stage!

  5. Katie, You have been so very good to us!! Thank you for all you have been able to do and give! You needed our support, and we needed you! Now go and follow your dreams! Take care of your health above all, and don’t worry about having to cut back. We will always love you: your natural beauty, your kind personality, your willingness to share, your commitment to dance.

    Since my elderly ballet instructor passed away (natural causes), I have searched high and low to find something similar to his classes (he trained and danced professionally in NYC), but to no avail. Then I found you ❤ I can watch you online anytime my heart desires and get a wonderful ballet workout. Thank you for giving me back the dance 🙂 Love you so much!

  6. Please share a full thyroid video when the timing is right for you. I know you are working very hard to get back to full dance shape (and your hard work is showing) and back to the stage! Can’t wait to see what the future brings for you.

  7. All that you do on this site is just amazing. Best of luck finding the right balance for you between life, career, blog and everything else. You need to do what is best for you!

    A thyroid video would be great. I’m coming back to fitness after a long struggle with it as well and just getting a good diagnosis took several years. It’s rough and you’ve shown so much grace during your journey – it would be great to learn more.

  8. Would love a thyroid video. I believe I have an underactive thyroid, but all labs say its normal! GRRR! I have no energy to do anything! I would love to hear about your experience, and it might help me talk to my doctor!

  9. Hi! I would really love to see a full thyroid video,but only if you have time. As far as getting back into shape, i’m really happy for you,but i did’nt ever think you were out of shape!!!! If you want to meet a really out of shape dancer,you should meet me. i can only wish that i could look like you,but no matter how hard i try, i keep gaining weight!!!! I’ll never be a ballet dancer, even though i’m gonna try really hard. i really love your channel,it has really given me hope that i could acually be a ballerina someday,despite the fact that i am extremly fat!!!

  10. Katie, I think all of your fans are sorry to hear that you are overwhelmed but you have done so much in the past few months, it’s only natural. As evidenced by all of the positive commentary, just do what you can. We all support you and look forward to your future. Wishing you all the best!

  11. Dearest kathryn, don’t worry about responding, we want to see you back onstage and happy. I taught for thirty years and understand how much it takes from a person . You have wonderful followers because you are a beautiful person. You have even inspired me age49!!! You are so lovely, just let us know what company who will be lucky to have you. Health comes first! Mary

  12. I would love to see your thyroid video. Watched your latest update and would love to follow along with your blog as well, but I don’t see any posts. Are they in a different spot? Thanks! Molly

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