In today’s Q&A, we discuss pointe shoes, favoritism in ballet class, sway backs, pirouettes, tendonitis, at home exercises, holes in tights, having proper alignment, warming up for performances, and more. To skip to a certain topic, see the times below.

0:00 Intro & Past Questions
0:51 Teachers Playing Favorites & You Feel Ignored
2:49 Taking Jazz in Addition to Ballet
3:59 Exercises Using the “Wrong” Muscles & Bulking Up
5:38 At Home Workout DVD Recommendations
6:29 How to Keep Proper Alignment in Class
7:52 How Many Pairs Shoes of Students Should Have
9:18 How to Keep Tights from Getting Holes
10:12 Improving Feet
11:26 Improving Pirouettes
12:45 Warming Up for Performances
14:42 Gaining Weight the Healthy Way
16:06 Turning Boards & More Pirouette Help
17:59 Home Studio Dance Floor
18:40 Tendonitis
19:55 Improving a Sway Back
21:02 Recipes & Other Requests

Q&A with Katie Playlist
New York City Ballet Workout Vol 1 & 2
Darcey Bussell Pilates
Feet and Pointe Strengthening Exercises
Harlequin Floors

4 thoughts on “Q&A March 2015

  1. Thank you Katie. Regarding the swayback, I battle that too. I’m an older dancer with 5 children, so my midsection and back have needed lots of rehab. I would add that a person trying to correct this should stretch the hip flexors AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. When hip flexors are tight, it pulls the body into this position. Usually the hamstrings are very flexible but may be weak. Get a foam roller. Roll your hip flexors (face down) and find the sore spots and lay into them. Turn over and put the roller under your sacrum. Draw one knee up to the chest and let the other hang and stretch. This feels so good.

  2. Regarding bulking up, I’ve built up pretty substantial quads because I’m not always using the right muscle especially in developpes and also have pretty muscular, kind of bulky calves. I love having the muscle, but was wondering if you have tips to help lengthen muscles that are already becoming bulky? Will making sure I’m using the correct muscle and stretching help “de-bulk” muscle I already have?

  3. Hi Katie, I also have very overdeveloped quads because I also do Japanese dance and absolutely everything is performed in what is basically a demi-plie. I would love some suggestions for lengthening as well as strengthening the surrounding muscles so my knees don’t give out on me! Possibly (probably) related to this, my knees don’t look straight when I pique unless I lock them, any tips for this?

    One other question, completely unrelated to my quads 😉 I love,love, love the look of your half-sleeve leotards, especially the mesh ones. I think that style is very flattering for someone with my body type (top heavy hourglass). Do these styles work with a bra underneath? Unfortunately no leotards exist with built in support in my size (32E eek!)

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