Here are my tips and tricks for increasing your flexibility and balance in a penché. I talk about using the inner thigh and hamstring as well as a hip placement. We also discuss the Giselle penché in the center. This ballet step can be very difficult, but you can get the 180 degree “6 o’clock” line if you wish!

2 thoughts on “Improving Your Penché

  1. I was wondering if you could help me with the issue of standing leg turnout in penche. It ruins my balance to try and be extremely turned out and it usually sends my leg off to the 2nd position instead of truly behind me. I see a lot of advanced and professional dancers with a parallel or nearly parallel standing foot in penche, and saw that you’re doesn’t appear to be very turned out either. So, is it just not something we have to think about in this position? A well-accepted cheat? It seems like its the thing you have to do, at any rate

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