I had such a wonderful time teaching at Regional Dance America in Philadelphia. I met so many incredible people and the students were fantastic. I hope you enjoy coming along with me!

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8 thoughts on “Philadelphia Trip

  1. Just loved this Kathryn, it was funny in your prep video I did think perhaps the sandals may not be good for the plane! Moms are always right!
    Loving your vlogs, a continued source of inspiration.

  2. My daughter’s studio hosted RDA this year! When she saw your name, she was bummed that she will not be attending until next year!

  3. I love all of your videos but this was one was very special to me. In other messages I told you I am from Philadelphia, living in Orlando for the last 3 years, but missing Philly terribly. Watching all of your moments in Philly made me smile, and brought a tear to my eye. When you were at the Liberty Bell, I thought about my dad-his favorite place in Philly was that historic area. And across the way from where you were waiting to see the bell, was where my oldest daughter graduated high school in 2012, on the lawn of the Constitution Center. So many memories. Also, you did your first night of bowling at Lucky Strike-which we had my older daughter’s birthday party, was a nice reminder. And where you taught class that first day, it was overlooking Broad Street and across from the studio was the Bellvue Hotel where I used to work! I used to take classes int he old version of those studios. You made me want to run home! I just wish I could have been there when you were there. I know you were teaching a conference but I would have loved to have seen you around Philly! Do you ever teach open classes in NYC? I will be in Philly for 2 months and have already thought about taking the train in NYC a few times to see friends.
    Anyway, loved this video as well as all of your videos. And I loved the packing videos too! I am having such anxiety about packing for such a long time. Any special packing tips are always greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks again-Maria!

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