Today I let you in on the life of a professional ballet dancer. We discuss all of the differences between students and professionals, a typical day, rehearsals, casting and business decisions, the amount of work, bodies, aesthetics, and dancer secrets.

3 thoughts on “Life as a Dancer

  1. Hi Katie, this past year I have been out of dance… it started with taking a month off because of a minor knee injury and then escalated to a year due to the development of certain health problems and family issues that prohibited me from getting back to the studio. I’m 17, turning 18 this December, and have high aspirations of making it professionally. I have been working on getting my endurance back up and excess weight off by going to the gym… Come August, I hope to be getting into more pilates programs etc. to get some flexibility and mobility back and start slowly with ballet classes. So basically I’m a year behind of everyone and have to play catch up… meaning I probably won’t be physically ready to start auditioning for companies until I’m 19…. It’s been so depressing seeing everyone participate in shows and various summer programs and trainee programs.. I just hope theres still hope for me for getting into a company and that I can come back stronger than I was. I look at you and see how far you have come since your time off and it gives me motivation to keep pushing.
    If you have any advice, I’d appreciate it so much and will be forever greatful!!!!!

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