Today I take you through how and what to pack for a ballet summer course. You don’t need to stuff your suitcase to the brim. I talk about ballet clothes, leotards, tights, pointe shoes, normal clothes and shoes, as well as toiletries and other items you may need.

Summer Course Survival Guide

The Dancewear Project


4 thoughts on “Summer Course Packing

  1. I am so looking forward to my summer intensive next month!!:) Spending time with other people that are passionate about ballet makes it even better.

  2. This summer will be my first summer intensive course! I am extremely excited and just went to get my first pair of pointe shoes to start! I am so thankful for the opportunity to improve and thankful to family who let me earn money to do summer courses. I don’t know what I would do a whole summer without dance.

  3. I have only ever been to one summer intensive course but it was really amazing! It was at Ballet New Braunfels (my ballet studio) in New Braunfels Texas. We did ballet, variations, stretching, yoga, character, jazz, hip-hop, broadway, zumba, lyrical, contemporary, improve, and partnering. I want to suprise my mommy with this prize so she won’t have to buy me another new leotard.
    Margaret G.

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