Your questions answered! Topics include flexibility and dancing plateaus, staying in shape over the summer, teaching ballet, sore muscles, pointe work, makeup looks, corrections in class, interpreting a role, character, performance etiquette, tight maintenance, feet sickling, and why I love ballet.

Other Q&A’s With Katie

Feet & Pointe Work Strengthening Workout
Feet & Pointe Work Strengthening Exercises

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Overcoming Flexibility Plateau
1:59 Overcoming Dancing Plateau
4:39 Staying Shape in Summer without a Summer Course
6:59 Anymore Makeup Tutorials?
7:31 Burning Sensation when Stretching
8:48 Improving Pointe Work
10:19 Interpreting a Role & Getting into Character
12:50 Tight IT Bands
15:14 Clapping Etiquette During a Performance
17:23 Keeping Track Of and Applying Corrections
19:21 Storing Pointe Shoe Accessories
20:02 Companies Hiring Different Heights
21:42 Tips for Teaching Ballet
24:58 Holes in Tights
25:58 Not Sickling in Relevee
27:21 Why I Love Ballet
28:58 End/Coming Soon

5 thoughts on “Q&A June 2015

  1. Hi Katie, when you do your makeup tutorials, I’d love some suggestions on how to adjust your makeup for when your costume isn’t a flattering color for you, (like when I had to wear an orange costume, terrible color for me!) or maybe tricks for tweaking colors to make them more flattering (ie, if everyone has to wear red lips, and true red looks bad on you) Thank you!

  2. Definitely please do more stage makeup videos! I want to try out for Clara in the Nutcracker this year but I don’t think I’m good enough any ideas on things to improve on? I totally know what you mean about getting into character! In my student company this year I was supposed to be “madly in love” with the one boy and eventually actually kiss him. I freaked out when I got this part but then when I had done it a few times I completely got in character and ended up making the whole audience laugh at how ridiculous I was! How do i try to convince my parents to send me to SAB? My dream is to be in the NYCB but I don’t see how I can convince my parents to send me from small town Texas to New York City. I think I could get in its just a question of my parents letting me dance there. also they wont let me go anywhere for a summer intensive so what do I do?!

  3. Hi Katie, It’s great to see all of your new projects and look forward to seeing more. I thought of a possible topic for your next Q & A session…are there any tricks or exercises to improve one’s spotting while turning? I can usually get through about 4 or 5 turns and then it gets really tough to focus on the spot. I cant always tell if it’s the speed of the pirouettes or the number that I’m trying to do that makes it more difficult. Thanks!

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