This easy ballet class center workout is for anyone who want to improve their technique. All of the combinations are basic and simple enough for dancers to build strength. I give you several options of difficulty depending on your level. This is also a great class to do if you are coming back from an injury. Just pace yourself! Make sure you have done a barre beforehand and have warm muscles. I have listed all the combinations and times below so you can repeat them if you like. And of course, I use all of my own ballet class music.


1:56 Plie & Relevé
5:07 Tendus
6:39 Tendus Reversed
9:54 Adagio
13:07 Passe Relevé/Pirouette from 5th Prep
15:36 Passe Relevé/Pirouette from 5th Prep – HARDER
18:38 Pique Arabesque/Waltz
20:14 Pique Arabesque/Waltz – HARDER
22:40 Pirouettes from 4th
24:48 Little Jumps
27:28 Petit Allegro
28:47 Petit Allegro – FASTER
30:44 Grand Allegro

3 thoughts on “Easy Ballet Center

  1. This was very helpful for me. It was a very simple center so I could make sure to fix any mistakes I may notice. So thank you for making this workout.

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