A special post today! This is me when I was 15 dancing the Snow Queen Pas de Deux in Mobile Ballet’s the Nutcracker. My partner is Darren Anderson, formerly Royal Winnipeg Ballet. I was a bit of a scrawny Bambi without control over my limbs! But if you enjoyed this, let me know, and I will post more old dancing footage every once in awhile.

Mobile Ballet
Costumes & Choreography by Winthrop Corey
Filmed by Carl Belk

10 thoughts on “Snow Pas de Deux

  1. That was amazing! Even so young, you clearly showed what a beautiful dancer you are! 🙂 This is why I love you! Please show us more!! 🙂

  2. This was amazing!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the videos you have posted! Thanks to them I have been given the part of Clara in the Ballet New Braunfels (TX) Nutcracker!!! I hope that someday I will be as amazing as you are and were! Thx for all you do! Do you have any suggestions for makeup that is a little less dark then your stage makeup videos? The theater I dance at, the Brauntex, is small and that much makeup looks almost worse then to little makeup.
    Thanks soooooooo much again! Definitely post more of these!

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