This is the start of my “Foundations” series where I really break down each and every step in ballet class. Today we discuss the most fundamental ballet step: pliés! Even the most seasoned professional can hone, strengthen, and improve their plies. Correcting your plies can improve your dancing tenfold!

Improving Your Posture

6 thoughts on “Ballet Basics: Pliés

  1. Loved this!! I never know when or if I’m doing something right. This helped me soooo much! I love these videos! Keep em’ comin’! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this! Hearing this reminds me of all the important rules I learned at Pennsylvania Ballet. It’s so great to be reminded of the basics especially now that I am older and coming back from surgeries. Hopefully you continue this series!

  3. Thank you, this was great! I would love more of these (as you have time). I take ballet in French, which is my second language, so I had missed the part of the explanation(s) about the weight being in the ball of the foot because I did not know the word for the bone that they were using. Turns out, it’s the area of the ball of the foot. Oops! Something new to incorporate next week… But it would have taken me much, much longer to realize without your video!

  4. This is brilliant as I have my grade 6 ballet exam in a couple of weeks so I’m basically just watching all your technique tips videos as most of them come up in this grade! Believe me they are so helpful. Since I started watching your videos a year or so ago I have been told by my teachers that they have never seen anyone else improve so much as me so I want to say thank you so much for that and hope this encourages you as well.

    Please can I make a couple of video requests:
    -Rond de jambe en l’air
    – Help with chaine turns

    Thank you 🙂 from England

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