Today I give you an update on my thyroid illness, particularly about my autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I will be changing my diet, following the Autoimmune protocol (AIP Diet) and how you can, too. I will also be documenting my illness from here on my blog under the “Thyroid Heath” tab.

AIP Explained
More detailed shopping list

My Thyroid Illness Story

7 thoughts on “Thyroid Illness Update

  1. Gosh, I just adore you, your fight, your spirit and you’re dancing. I hope you get into a fantastic company soon. Have you ever considered the Houston Ballet? Close to your hometown and a really outstanding rep.

    Wishing you the best every week–

  2. You are an amazing, amazing woman, Kathryn Morgan! A true inspiration for all of us, showing us how passion and desire to grow all the time can make one a wonderful human being. Your honesty and humbleness are simply touching hearts. And yes, you are a beautiful dancer!

  3. Hi Katie, you are gorgeous inside and out! I had cancer a couple of years ago and although in remission, my body is still adjusting. It’s frustrating but hearing stories such as yours helps me be patient on bad days. Keep at it and know how much you’re helping others such as myself!

  4. Thanks for sharing your progress! One thing my endocrinologist told me was that after your dosage and numbers look good it still takes about 18 months for your body to fully adjust and some of those annoying symptoms to fully subside. Thyroid issues are not for the impatient!

  5. You’re so gorgeous!! 🙂 I’m also hypothyroid – it would be realy helpful if u could blog or make a video on how u schedule your synthroid and cytomel and the doses u take (i’m looking into adding cytomel, too. and understand u need to divide it during the day..?) thnxxxxoxoxooooo

  6. How do you spell the name of the thyroid medication you mentioned in the video? I cannot find it online and I want to ask my doctor about it. I am currently taking only NP Thyroid and I have the same autoamunine thyroid disease and not feeling well.

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