More of your questions answered today! We talk about Nutcracker, a bit of my career, injuries, working hard, tension, feeling graceful in pointe shoes, challenging ballet roles, overcoming plateaus and discouragement, romance in the studio, and balancing on pointe. I have listed all the topics below so you can skip to one if you like.


0:00 Intro
0:33 Sugarplum vs. Dewdrop
1:27 My Scariest Ballet Moment
2:19 My Most Precious Ballet Moment
3:12 Fingers & Face Tension
4:14 Biggest Hindrance in Coming back from Illness
5:01 Working Hard vs. Overworking
6:26 Why NYCB Doesn’t Film Performances
8:06 How to Feel More Graceful in Pointe Shoes
9:04 My Plans to Go Back to a Company
10:50 My Most Challenging Role
12:23 Keeping Heels of Pointe Shoes On
12:37 Overcoming Plateaus
14:08 Developing Chemistry with Your Partner & Romance in the Studio
18:21 How I Felt & Dealt with Getting Corrections
20:07 Balancing on Pointe

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