Today I begin Vlogmas of 2015 where I will be vlogging every day for the month of December. Unfortunately, today was a sick day! I have what I believe is a cold and sinus infection. Fun times! But I take you along anyway! Lots of tea was drunk today. Welcome to Vlogmas! I am excited for the holidays and the Christmas season!

9 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Please don’t apologize for being ill! You looked so beautiful in your makeup, I would never have known you were so sick if I hadn’t seen the “before” look. Feel better!

  2. Don’t ever feel bad for being sick!! Despite the fact that you must have felt awful, you were soooo lovely! 🙂 I so enjoy any post that you put up! In fact, I’ve been binge-watching your channel for the last few days, all your posts, even though I’ve watched them HUNDREDS of times! I love anything that you’re willing to show us. PLEASE get some rest, drink a lot of fluids and do what you can to make yourself feel good! Feel better!! 🙂

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