Day 8-10 of Vlogmas 2015! 3 days combined together – I give you a quick tour of my former middle & high school, UMS Wright. Plus more chatting & sharing with all of you – my message, SAB auditions, adult ballet exercises and schedule, warming up, & Balanchine & classical technique. Plus, my puppies make another appearance!

Yesterday’s Vlog

5 thoughts on “School & Sharing

  1. Dear Katie, I love it when you miss a vlog because I know it means you’re healthy, dancing, and pursuing your dream! I do miss hearing from you, but I think I can speak for all your fans when I say I’m so pleased that you’re too busy dancing! Keep on keeping on!!!

  2. Thanks Kathryn yes! A calendar of workouts would be fun!! Also need to get my leg extensions need to know a workout for that it would mean the world to me
    Starting Joffrey beginner in Jan.
    did ballet in NYC 81-96. Need to come back!!

  3. Hi Kathryn yes! A calendar of workouts would be fun!
    Also need to get better at leg extensions can you help with workouts for that also. Starting Joffrey workshop in Jan!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. A calendar would be wonderful. I’m so happy for all of your recent success. It is very uplifting to hear your story and see all this progress you continue to make. I do miss the ballet world so much and with all the injuries and surgeries I’ve had in the last few years in terrified of hurting myself but I do look forward to your videos and workouts and really want to get reaquainted with all that I know I can do, dance wise, even if it has to happen super slowly. So, like I said before, a calendar would be great. Maybe you could include which of your videos to do on which days to get the maximum effect.
    Thank you sooooo much for all of your caring towards this community of dancers, young and old, that you have brought together!!!

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