This is my second classic ballet barre workout you can do at home! It is designed to improve your technique, strength, and musicality as well as give you a really great sweat! Any level dancer can do this, although I designed it for intermediate and advanced students. Focus on your placement and alignment so you can improve quickly! You may wear either ballet shoes or pointe shoes.

First Classic Ballet Barre Workout


Plies: 1:51
Tendu 1st: 7:27
Tendu 5th: 12:08
Tendu 5th Faster: 15:30
Pas de Cheval: 18:27
Degage 1st: 21:32
Degage 5th: 24:45
Ron de Jambe: 28:20
Fondu: 33:22
Frappe: 36:00
Adagio: 39:47
Grand Battement: 42:22

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