Day 17 & 18 of Vlogmas 2015. My first two days in Virginia – travel day and a rehearsal day for our Nutcracker performance. I show you some more sugarplum footage and show you the theater. Happy vlogmas!

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3 thoughts on “A Virginia Sugarplum

  1. Hey there! You were sooooo BEAUTIFUL Kathryn!!! You are truly an inspiring dancer and a vision on stage! Even though it was a dress rehearsal, it could’ve easily passed for a real performance! 🙂 Your tips and workouts have really helped me. I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope to have my dancing aspire to be like yours! Loved the footage! 🙂

  2. Katie: When you come up for air sometime in 2016, could you do a audio-video on counting in ballet ? With my daily practice in ballet and weekly lessons, I hope that something so simple does not have to be a mystery. We will see you at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC on March 29 and 30. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season, Fellow Friends of Ballet 🙂

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