More performance bloopers and funny moments today! I tell you about some really hilarious ones from ballets Romeo & Juliet and Sleeping Beauty, plus probably my best one ever from To Dance the Musical. We all make mistakes!

First Performance Bloopers

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14 thoughts on “Bloopers 2nd Edition

  1. My goal for 2016 is to reach new levels in my dance and to do my best every time. I will always give Jesus the glory for all my accomplishments in dance for he is the one that blessed me with the gift.

  2. My goal for 2016 is to go to the Houston Ballet summer intensive in Houston TX! I have never been to a summer intensive outside of my school, Ballet New Braunfels, which isn’t a real intensive and the one intensive my parents are most likely to let me go to is the Houston Ballet because my uncle offered to let me stay at his house the whole time. I am almost done convincing my parents and I have been working harder than ever at class.I have permission to audition and I can’t wait! I love your bloopers by the way 😉

  3. My goal for 2016: to get through your entire challenge, to start taking your online classes, to dance every day, to work through all of my back pain issues so I can be more productive in all aspects of my life. Also, to see my shows, to continue showing my 9 year old daughter how amazing the world of dance can be and to get my weight down enough that I can fibd my center again.

  4. I was totally there for that curtain wrap-up in To Dance. I never would’ve mentioned it, but since you did … 🙂

    It was really fine. ❤

  5. My goal for 2016 is to make my right and left side equal in turns and extensions, and to get accepted into SAB’s summer course!

  6. Well, my goal is pretty basic. Be kind to myself! 🙂 Treat myself with respect, love and care. I only have one physical body. I want it to last a long time! I need to keep it healthy with my eating, strong with my dancing, and love it with my whole heart! 😀 Have a healthy, and happy new year Kathryn!

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