Last couple days of Vlogmas! Day 25 & 31 – Christmas Day and New Years Eve! I take you along for a bit of the festivities. Plus a LOT more of your questions answered! Almost 20 minutes worth! We talk about jumping, turnout, my take on Aurora, soloists and principals, Snapchat, and more! Also, head over to my main channel to start the 12 Week Challenge!

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5 thoughts on “Christmas & New Years

  1. Hi Katie!!! You are such a beautiful, passionate, dedicated, inspiring ballerina. Your platform is amazing. Putting yourself out there truly inspires others. When you perform, you look so regal, elegant, delicate, and spirited. Mr. Corey has set many ballets on my school, Northwest Florida Ballet. You have been someone I look up to for a long time.

  2. Many great things a e going to come your way in 2016 Miss Katie! I just know it!!!!!!!!
    Your mom helped inspire my home Christmas décor so please thank her.
    You look just beautiful, Mary

  3. Hi Katie. Yesterday I thought that this year was going to be amazing!! And then today I found out that my ballet studio which was the only good option of a studio around the area where I live. So now today instead of getting ready for school to start with my dreams of being Alice in Alice in Wonderland and hoping that someday I could be a professional I have to find a new studio and live in fear that my parents won’t let me dance anymore. I have always dreamed of going to SAB but seriously I live in Texas and my parents won’t even let me go away to a Summer Intensive! I want to be in New York City Ballet but I can’t leave home! I really have no idea what to do with my life right now. Do you have any suggestions? I want to send you a video of me dancing because now that I have absolutly no dance teacher I don’t have anyone to answer my ultimate question. Do I, a 14 year old ballet dancer, have a chance of EVER becoming a professional? Would you watch a video and give me commentary if I send it? I really don’t know what to do so would you help?
    you are amazing and have always inspired me so please help direct me!!!!!
    Dancer in Despair (JK)

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