This is a quick at home arm toning workout that is less than 10 minutes! Dancers want long lean muscles without bulk, so these exercises are designed to do just that. For those of you doing the 12 week challenge, I hope this is a great addition to your workout regime!

I have also created a Facebook group for those of you doing the challenge to stay motivated and encourage each other!

12 Week Challenge
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6 thoughts on “Arm Workout

  1. Kathryn: Many thanks for sharing information on arm toning and smart-belles. I take advantago of my limited time and busy work schedule to practice ballet – getting ready for work, taking trash out, bus stop, desk, waiting for elevator and in the elevator, washing dishes etc. Could the Kathryn Morgan communities share how they practice ballet and dance when they have limited time due to a busy work schedule and weekly ballet lessons ? Thank You All 🙂

    1. Definitely! I never have time to dance except in class so I have found a few things I can do even when I’m super busy with school and homework. when I wash dishes I always do releves or eleves. Thats a start. I always make sure to take at least 20 minutes before bed even when its late to do crunches/backups/stretch. I also sometimes will stretch/ do simple combinations while doing homework. I hope this is at least semi helpful even though it isn’t much. Other than these the only suggestion I have is on Saturdays or Sunday after church maybe taking an hour or so to dance on your own using Katie’s video’s. Good luck and keep dancing!

  2. Thank you, Margaret. Last night, I had a free belly dancing lesson at the Kennedy Center after work. Throughout January 2016, Joy of Motion Dance Studios are sponsoring free dance lessons at the Kennedy Center. Many dance opportunities if we search for them. Hope you can be at Kathryn Morgan’s Kennedy Center performances. I will be there. 🙂

    1. You are soooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be there and I wish I could even just see the kennedy center much less dance in it!!! That is super cool and I hope you have fun! I just had a free class tonight with a Cuban teacher at CCB in Texas (where I live) and I was really excited because I haven’t danced since Dec. 12th since my studio closed down. Have fun at the Kennedy!!!

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