I know many ballet dancers, myself included, have hyperextended legs. While you are able to create beautiful lines with hyperextension, sometimes dancing with them can be an issue. I give you some exercises to do to strengthen your hamstring to support your knees as well as advice on not locking back, pulling up in the legs, and how to balance.

Strength and Stretch Class for Dancers

4 thoughts on “Hyperextension

    1. Hyperextension is a result of the laxity of tendons and ligaments in your body; it is not something you work to achieve, but the way your body is made. Trying to achieve hyperextension is dangerous when your body is not naturally predisposed — you will cause injury and destabilize your joints. It is not something you can or should attempt to do. By definition, hyperextension is a joint that moves beyond the normal, safe range of motion. It is not an aesthetic of line, but a description of joint range of motion. Dancers who have it actually need to work harder to maintain safe alignment and strengthen around their joints, since bearing weight on a hyperextended joint grinds the joint and creates predisposition to dislocation and stress fractures. See physiotherapist Lisa Howell’s Ballet Blog for excellent articles about hyperextension and the dangers of overstretching, and consult with a physiotherapist or dance anatomy book for more information about what hyperextension is.

  1. Non Ballet Related, but I love your hair with the headband, so pretty 🙂 And thank you for this, I have hyper-extended knees so this is very helpful!! Also, what leotard are you wearing? I love that it has the 3/4 sleeves but they are sheer.

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