I’m back! FINALLY. Today I give you a layout of what will be happening over the next couple of months, exciting things to come, and where I have been the last few weeks. We had a family emergency, so I explain everything. I am so excited to be back making videos for you all! Thank you for your continued support!

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Kennedy Center Performance Photos

Ann Arbor July 9th Performance Tickets

Mobile Ballet Summer Course Information

4 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. As a former dancer with a really small ballet company, we didn’t have access to world-class choreographers and sometimes we ended up with ballets that were weird, stupid or just downright silly. Have you ever been cast in a ballet you thought was bad? Thanks!

  2. Dear Kathryn, I’m SO sorry to learn about your Dad but so glad he is making such a great recovery. I had the pleasure of meeting your lovely parents at your Kennedy Centre Performance (I was coincidentally sitting behind them and your boyfriend on the first evening and we got chatting; they both spoke to me at length during the intermission and then again after the show and your Mom held my hand as she talked to me about you!; your Dad was quite touched that I had come all the way from Toronto to see it….(I’m the one who was with your Mom when you came out afterwards and I gave you a hug..if it’s all a blur as you were exhausted and don’t remember, no worries!)
    I also wanted to tell how much I LOVED the whole show. You and Jessica did a beautiful job of putting it together. I think my favorite (and I truly did love them all) was Melting Snow….. I also loved your costume (as all of them) , but that one was especially pretty). Congrats again…… and if you think of it, please tell your Mom and Dad that Catherine from Toronto sends her warm best to them for your Dad’s speedy and full recovery.

  3. So sorry for your father, such accomplished people carry so much stress. Praying for you.
    Suggestion: How about a Saturday shopping trip with Katie, show the young kids how you find your own style and how important how one presents themselves to the world.

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