More of your questions answered! We cover running and turnout, dancers I admired, ballet styles, am I single, dancing in Europe, vegan diet, ballet variations, floor barre, dancing while pregnant, SAB auditions in September, my weaknesses as a dancer, and feeling behind in ballet class. As always, all the topics and times are listed below so you can pick and choose!

Mobile Ballet Summer Course (Gulf Coast Area)

0:00 Introduction
0:28 Is Running Bad for Turnout (and Dancers)
1:19 Dancers I Admired Growing Up
2:25 Different Styles of Classical Ballet
3:48 Where I Teach in Mobile Alabama
4:50 Am I Single
5:18 Would I Dance in Europe
7:09 Should Dancers be Vegan
8:41 Me Teaching Variations on YouTube
9:40 Floor Barre
10:34 Dancing While Pregnant
12:21 SAB Year Round Students Auditioning in September
13:28 My Weaknesses as a Dancer
14:40 Being Behind in Ballet

6 thoughts on “Q&A April 2016

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    Thank you for the video. They are always encouraging. I am a ballet dancer and I live in the South too😊. I hope we can meet one day. I did have a question concerning auditioning. What do I most need to practice on for auditioning into a ballet school such as SAB? I am really desiring to enter into a trainee program at a ballet school once I graduate from high school and want to be as confidant as I possibly can. Also, what do you think of the Carolina Ballet? Is it a school you would recommend looking into? Please check out my new website Project Prima. I am still working on it but I hope it will be an encouragement to dancers. Do you think you could do a video on how to form a blog?

  2. Katie,
    Thanks so much for this video! You boosted my courage with your weaknesses because I have some of those same issues!! I have been feeling behind a lot in class lately and I have been working really hard. I keep trying my best and I feel like I am improving and the girls in my studio and my teachers keep telling me that I am a wonderful dancer and that I am doing really well but I get very discouraged. I have gained some weight since being Clara and the level that I am in is all eleven year olds. (I am 15) More than that they are all waaaayyyy better than me! I honestly don’t know what to do. One of the girls told me that I was only not as good as they were because I haven’t had the amazing training this studio offers and they have but that I am improving faster than any of them. I don’t know what to believe or how to boost my confidence. I want to be a professional dancer but my parents don’t want me to and my dad hates how much time I spend dancing. I am not a natural dancer at all. Everything I have a has been forced into shape. Both of my feet have a broken bone in them that can never heal so every time I dance it is painful but I have to hide it in order to keep dancing. I don’t mind that part as much because I’ve gotten used to it but what would you do in my situation? I want to dance. I have the passion and the drive but I don’t have the drive or somewhat the means. I have been dancing for 9 years and I do think that I am a pretty good dancer but what do you think are some necessary things for a professional to be able to do? Finally is it possible for a ballet dancer to go to church on Sundays and stuff like that?
    Thanks for all you do!

  3. Great to see you back and hopefully everything continues to improve with your dad! As a dancer who is getting very close to her due date I would not be doing fouettees at 6 months pregnant. Turning en pointe was one of the first things I stopped doing! In addition to the shift of balance as you get bigger, the flexibility in your hips and joints expands and elasticizes which creates a very unstable and potentially dangerous situation especially en pointe. I sat down with both my doctor and instructor and we figured out what was safe to continue doing, what required modifications etc. Things that I still thought I could do were vetoed by my instructor for health and safety reasons but with less than 4 weeks left I can proudly say that I am still dancing.

    1. Thank you! And I totally agree with you – doing fouettes when pregnant is SO risky. And I think selfish too. What about the child? I think what you did was INCREDIBLY smart.

  4. Hi Katie!! Thank you for another fantastic video! I love your channel and your generosity!! When you where talking about focusing on technique and placement, you mentioned not cheating. What is cheating on technique and placement? What would it look like? And how do I avoid it?
    Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see your next video!!
    Love, Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline, thank you for your comment! By cheating I mean things like hiking your hip to get your leg up higher. Or twisting your hips to get a higher arabesque. Things like that. So just make sure you are working with correct placement.

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