Today’s Thoughtful Thursday topic is a bit dark and controversial- eating disorders in the ballet world. Many dancers struggle with their weight, myself included, and sometimes that leads to disorder eating habits – anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, binging, or even obsessive dieting. I want to talk to you about that today and what you can do if you are struggling.

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4 thoughts on “Eating Disorders

  1. Thank you so much Katie!!!
    I have been gaining a little lately even though I really am skinny so thank you so much for this video!!!!

  2. Thank you for this video. I am much older than your average audience. I am 40, which feels like 100. I have written to you in the past, in private FB messages, about my back story of dancing and being a young mom and getting back to dancing after many years. Ballet was always my passion and as a young dancer all I worried about was becoming a professional. I never personally worried about weight because I danced so much, so I was super thin, but most of my non-ballet friends were very mean about my weight. I was told I was too skinny, and that I looked emaciated, and was constantly asked if I had an eating disorder. Cut to now and I am the mother of 2, and as I said above, 40 years old, and all I worry about is my weight. As soon as I stopped dancing full time I started to put on weight. At first it wasn’t a bad thing, I just filled out. But now I am at a point in my life where it is extremely difficult to even lose a pound. I walk on a trail twice a week, I take two yoga classes a week and I do my best to add in any extra ballet videos from you and some others. However, I have so many structural problems from my years as a dancer, that it makes doing any kind of work out difficult. I had to have both of my feet operated on in 2012-I had my bunions removed and both my first metatarsal bones reset to make my feet straighter, and screws were implanted. I have had 2 hernia operations, the second one was very extreme because once in they said the years of dancing had “shredded my fascia and stomach lining” so they used titanium tacks to put everything in place. And I had lower back surgery at the end of 2014 to try to correct a dance injury from when I was 17. So, anything I do, I have to be super careful and if anything hurts I have to stop immediately. I think because of all of the surgeries and lack of ability to continue dancing the way I did, I became a stress eater or emotional eater, something along those lines. I worry about my weight and how I look constantly which was never something I thought about so it is a very difficult feeling me. It has made me very depressed but seeing your video reminded me I have to be good to myself and try my best. It is just so frustrating!

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