Join Me for Classes!

I often have the wonderful opportunity to travel the country teaching master classes. For various reasons, they are limited to a select group of students, usually due to age or particular ballet school. Many people write to me saying they wish they could participate in my classes. Well, now you can! I teach both private lessons and group classes online that ANYONE, whether beginner or professional, is welcome to take. I have students of all ages and levels. So no matter what your abilities, you can improve your dancing and hopefully have fun while doing it! I also teach private lessons to students in or around the Gulf Coast. Keep reading to learn about all the options.

Online Group Classes

untitled10I teach online group classes at These include beginner, intermediate, and advanced ballet classes as well as a “strength & stretch” class that is all about toning your body while building strength and flexibility. In all my classes we focus on overall technique, placement, and artistry. I offer both single class rates as well as several class packages. Every class is also recorded so that you can access them again. I currently have a huge video library that includes over 100 pre-recorded classes. This is also perfect for people who can’t make the class due to their schedule – they are then able to access them whenever they like! Click HERE go to my Powhow studio for more information and to sign up.

Online Private Lessons

I teach online private lessons at Here you also have many Untitledoptions for what kind of classes you can take. There are 3 types of sessions: ballet, makeup, and advice. You also have the option to take either a 25 or 55 minute session. No matter what type or length you choose, sessions are tailor made to you! Just click HERE to get started!

If you sign up for ballet, we can do a class, work on a specific step or part of class, work on a variation you have to perform, anything you like! I suggest my 25 minute session for step-specific work, and 55 minutes if you want a longer class.

Is there something you are struggling with and need to talk about? My advice session is for you. We can talk about everything from body image to pointe shoes to makeup to diet. It is up to you! I am here to give you as much advice and encouragement as I can!

Do you have a role you are performing and want a customized makeup look? Or are you struggling with finding a great look for everyday? Want something fun for date night? My makeup session is for you! You have the option of choosing 25 or 55 minutes, it just depends on how much detail you would like to cover! I recommend booking 25 minutes for basics and day looks, and 55 minutes if you want a customized stage makeup look.

Private Lessons in Person

If you are in or around the Gulf Coast area and would like to work with me in person, please submit your name and information in the box below. The more you can tell me about yourself the better I idea I will have about your goals. I want you to get the most out of our lesson as possible! I will get back to you as soon as I can about scheduling a private lesson and send you all the information.