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  1. Hi Kathryn, Rachel here from the Valley! I have found many of your sights, you look and sound just grand! Just wanted to let you know that I am following you on your sights. Take care and keep up the good work. Miss you millions, Miss Rachel

  2. Hi Kathryn, I am a 13 yr old ballet lover in Sydney, Australia. I am at a small ballet school that offers only 4 classes a week and i feel that I may not achieve my goal which is a spot in the Australian Ballet (or any other company that will take me) i know that i am not the most talented dancer and i only started on pointe at the start of this year. I have been looking at a full time ballet school that is only 15 minutes away from home and when i am 15, i would like to audition for the full time course there. i have talked about this with my parents and they have expressed understanding but they’re not too cool with the whole home-schooling thing… and the costs and the intensive ballet stuff. i feel that they don’t understand my love for ballet and even though they know that my goal is the Australian Ballet, they think only 5 and a half hours per week will get me there. I am really in despair because ballet is what i love and i want to do it for the rest of my life and i just love performing so i am worried that i may not get there because i know that so many girls don’t… my ballet teacher is under the exact same impression as my parents – ballet is only a hobby for me, and i am not really that serious about it.
    i am really quite worried about this and i just discovered your youtube channel and i thought you may be able to help…

    Thanks, Maddy

  3. Dear Kathryn,
    I am ballet teacher and lifelong dancer, and now a huge Kathryn Morgan fan. Thank you for all of the resources that you have so generously shared, and for your honesty about your journey in life, dance, and health. Your candor, warmth, and humour provide younger dancers with mentorship and inspiration. The video classes you have posted give older dancers (like myself) moments of respite where we can recharge and move in the quiet of our homes or studios after sharing our love of dance with younger generations. Know that there are many strangers like myself who are cheering you on. You are a gifted artist, and a kind person, and wherever you land, they will be lucky to have you. Wishing you every blessing in the road ahead of you.

  4. it is a pleasure to know you. You are a very nice girl because you know to share things you learn with others like before people sharing their knowleadge and skills with you. I am very enjoy you said “Now that I am a professional, it is my turn to share”. Thank you for everything you shared. I am very like them. Thank.

  5. Kathryn. I just found, and did, your ballet barre class. THANK YOU!!!! I am 54 years old – a former dancer who has not stepped into a studio for more than 20 years! I wanted to find some way to get back into shape without having to stand at a barre next to nine year old girls on Saturday mornings! The so-called barre classes offered at gyms are dumb, and I am SOOO grateful to you for giving me a way to enjoy real ballet again. Your playing is wonderful, too. It all takes me back to the days when I was dancing, and for a middle-aged lady, that’s a real gift. Thanks. I look forward to more barre classes. I want to do one everyday!! I also wish you the best in your recovery..you’ll be back on stage in no time! 

  6. I must be the only male fan of yours on line, not sure. I enjoy watching your videos. I really have not seen you dance much. But I am a big fan of NYCB and ABT dancers. I have a video of you and Tiler Peck discussing Sleeping Beauty. I will continue to watch your videos every now and then Kathryn. As I said I am an outlier here, meaning I do not come from Ballet background. I am purely a balletomane. I absolutely love watching ballets. Thank you.

  7. How do you extend the life of your pointe shoes? I’m sure you have some tips and tricks. Mine seem to “die” so quickly. Thanks!!

  8. Hello Kathryn,
    I have been struggling in ballet with pirouettes:( My teacher says I have my positioning correctly but my spotting is lacking. Do you have any suggestions on how to strengthen your spotting? I would be grateful for any suggestions.:)

    Thank you,

    1. I figured out that the easiest way to improve your spotting is to find something easy to spot such as a light switch or a picture and then spin around in circles while spotting that one spot. make sure your spot is eye level though.
      greetings from Texas! 😉

  9. Katie!! Congratulations for your first 100 videos, you are such an inspiration for dancers all over the world, I just wanted to tell you that your videos have helped me so much, not only in my technique, also in my life. I’m peruvian professional ballet dancer, I had to quit ballet two years ago because of a back injure and other personal things; and now thanks to your advices I can say that i’m officially returning and I’m travelling to new york on June to the JBS summer intensive, I’m very excited. Greetings from PERU!

  10. Kathryn, My name is Margaret and I am a 14 year old ballet dancer. I LOVE your videos! My dream is to be a professional in New York City ballet. I have danced for eight years, and been in our student company and Nutcracker twice. I received my pointe shoes on August 25 2013 with one of my best friends Claire. I have definitely experienced being pushed to the side because I’m not good enough but I am still trying for my dream! My parents don’t want me to leave Texas (That is where we live) for summer intensives. They also aren’t very thrilled at the thought of being a professional. I love my parents and GOD very much but I also love ballet. Any suggestions for getting to good summer intensives/ convinsing my mommy and daddy to let me pursue ballet professionally?

  11. Hi Katie! I am currently taking your beginner ballet class on Powhow. I do a class twice a week. What kind of workouts would you recommend I do in between classes? I am 53 and have never taken ballet before.

  12. Hi Mrs. Hellwig! My name is Margaret and I am 14 years old. I just wanted to say great job for starting even though your older!!
    I hope you have fun dancing!
    Margaret Rosalie

    1. Margaret. thank you for your kind words! I am absolutely loving ballet. I hope Katie keeps the beginner classes going on Powhow. They are amazing.

  13. Thank you for the ballet barre and centre videos on your YouTube channel! It is very generous of you and I appreciate it very much. I am not a ballerina – I am a contemporary dancer. Circumstances beyond my control have caused to be away from the studio and the stage for a long time and your classes have been a valuable resource as I get back in shape.
    Hats off to you for your courage with your health struggles and coming out of it with such positive energy. I had a similar issue when I was a teenager, and know very well how difficult it is.
    I wish you all the very best and thanks again!

  14. My daughter and I found your channel while we were searching videos to improve her turn out for Irish dance. We had no idea who you are, but your videos were beautifully done and very informative. We are now fans. We now do quite a few of your videos together everyday. We see great improvement and so has her teacher. I have found it has helped increase my flexibility in my hips after injuring my SI joint. Thank you for taking the time to provide them for us. I love your attitude about giving back.

  15. Kathryn, Is there an address I can email you at with a few personal questions related to my own ballet inspirations. I know you are busy, but I admire you a lot and feel you would be one of the best people for me to get advice from.

    Bree xx

  16. Hi Kathryn,

    I had some personal questions to ask you about my own dancing. I’m in a uinique situation and I would love to get your advice on performing opportunities for older dancers.

    Thank you,


  17. Sorry, I forgot to finish my post! I wanted to get your advice on performing opportunities for older dancers and wondered if there was a better way to communicate with you other than this open forum.

    Thank you!


  18. Hi Katie!!! Thank you so much for all of your videos!! I have always been pushed aside at my dance school and this year for Nutcracker my teacher said that I had immensely improved and casted me as Clara!!! In our studio that is really the biggest role almost bigger than Sugar Plum. I am really excited because everyone in class keeps saying that I am starting to dance like the student who was moving on to be a professional. If my parents will let me I am going to try and post the video on Youtube. Thx again for all your videos I am putting a lot of my success gratitude on you!

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