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“Steps to Success in Ballet” eBook

UntitledWhether you are a dancer, an
interested parent, or just someone who loves ballet, I wrote this ebook as an easy-to-read collection of some of my practical advice to help you start taking steps TODAY
toward your ballet success! I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful!


  • Seven detailed steps you can take immediately to help you in ballet class today.
  • Specific tips for improving your pirouettes.
  • Recommendations for new dancers on pointe and how to build strength on pointe.
  • Recommendations to achieve higher and better jumps.
  • Great tips for improving your flexibility.
  • Suggestions on how to improve your turnout, pirouettes and overall strength.


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Amazon Review
“Kathryn’s book contains some
excellent advice for young dancers, and is worth a read, if you are serious about having a safe career in dance. She has an excellent background and presents her thoughts clearly.
My background is as a Doctor who has treated Ballet injuries and also as the Principal of a dance school and production company. I will be
recommending this book to all our dance students… and look forward to further publications from this
inspiring dancer.”

Kathryn Morgan Official App


Welcome to the Kathryn Morgan App!
This is ballet, beauty, and lifestyle
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The app includes a FREE instagram-like
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“Kathryn Morgan offers wonderful insights into the ballet world! This app is perfect for dancers just wanting to know more and become better dancers!”