“In a statement, (Peter) Martins (New York City Ballet Master in Chief) said Ms. Morgan was one of the greatest talents he had ever seen.” …. Read More

“After spending the last couple of years off stage recovering from an illness, (Kathryn) proved that she can apply that same level of graceful precision to dolling out the kind of real talk we don’t usually hear from ballerinas.”… Read More

“She was on the fast track and got sidelined. But she never took her eyes off her dream….We’re rooting her on, every step of the way.” …. Read More

“Ballerina Kathryn Morgan was a star soloist, until she developed a thyroid condition that wreaked havoc on her body. She joins us to discuss her journey through illness and how she is retaking the stage.” …. Read More

“With her health back, a legion of over 9000 (now 44,000) subscribers to her YouTube channel…Miss Morgan’s future looks to be bright again.” …. Read More

“But Mr. Wheeldon chose Ms. Morgan, impressed by her promise and her ‘tempestuousness’. She took her bows before a cheering State Theater audience…Curtain calls, bouquets and a tepid review from The New York Times: Welcome to center stage.” …. Read More

“Admirers of New York City Ballet’s Kathryn Morgan probably asked themselves the same question when the company promoted her to soloist last October: ‘What took them so long?’” …. Read More

“It’s easy to see why Kathryn Morgan describes the last year of her life as ‘a dream’. In 12 months, the New York City Ballet corps dancer went from doe-eyed School of American Ballet grad to critical darling with a major lead in a brand-new full-length ballet.” …. Read More

“Kathryn’s eloquent, honest description of her experience has a positive outcome because of her insightful and patient approach, right in the teeth of adversity.” …. Read More

“Her beautiful performance betrayed the fact that earlier in the year, an energy-sucking thyroid condition causing weight gain, hair loss and merciless migraines had forced her to give up her NYCB spot and move back to Mobile.” …. Read More